How to Start your Floral Business

July 26, 2023

Jenna Smith

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Hi, I'm Jenna

Hello fellow flower lovers! I’m so excited for you and this new journey you are embarking on to begin your own floral business. Truth is, it takes so much courage to step out into the unknown, take the leap and just start! So for that, I am so proud of you.

I know EXACTLY what you are feeling. There may be so much excitement around starting your own business, nervousness, feeling overwhelmed… These are all valid and completely normal feelings when beginning!

The world of flowers can feel sometimes secretive or unknown in how or what to put into place when beginning your business. I am here to peel back the curtain + help you get a few, basic essentials in place so that you can begin a successful floral career. These are suggestions from my own experience and knowledge of working in the wedding industry, running a biz from my home, and also valuing my own time while wanting to support my family. Flowers bring beauty, joy, hope and grit into my world and I am thankful for this journey of serving brides and clients through them.

Before I share my top ten essentials I use to run a smooth business, I want to begin by encouraging you in believing in yourself enough to invest in software that will save you time, energy and eventually make you more money than trying to piece meal it together. I spent years (not months, not weeks) wasting time trying to save every penny I could in order to not spend the $300 a year for a software that could completely transform how I interact with clients or a contract that was totally necessary that was essential for keeping me, my team and my clients safe. The benefits of having systems and tools in place are a massive part of what’s going to create a successful business for you!

The truth is, you started dreaming about owning a floral business because of your passion for flowers. That is what drives you and ignites you to take the step into starting a business. It is possible to see your dreams come to fruition. I am here to cheer you and hopefully boost your confidence in encouraging you to just go for it!

So without further ado, I would like to send over a list of my top ten essentials (whether it is software, a license, or a tool) when beginning your floral path. Remember, these ten do not all have to purchased or received at once. You may find that each season you can reassess where you are at and add on a new tool, piece of equipment or some inventory that can really boost your business. It takes time and patience to watch your business grow, however with diligence, care and intentionality with how you operate I know ANYONE can be successful.

  1. Obtaining an LLC license or a sole-propretior license. (Check out this link to get set up if you’re in AZ)
  2. Apply for your wholesale license. (AZTPT license application)
  3. Create a brand name, icon, and image. You can hire this out or checkout and make your own!
  4. Investing in a contact form and a way for clients to contact you. I could not run my business without Honeybook. This was what I put off for years and really wish I wouldn’t have. If you use my link you get 25% off the first year.
  5. A website. You need a place to host your work, information, and photos. A website, I believe, is essential in showing future clients you are a trustworthy vendor and worth investing in. The tonic templates is what I used for my website and I’m not exaggerating when I say I’m totally obsessed and 100% believe it has added significant value + trust in my own journey. (use my link to get 15% off)
  6. Really good clippers/ secateurs! I love these ones.
  7. Buckets + containers to house your lovely flowers.
  8. A contract. Trust me and put this at the top of your list to purchase right off the bat. I’ve heard really good things about the Legal Paige contracts.
  9. A journal to write down ideas, dreams, failures and hopes.
  10. Your “why”. Owning a business is hard. It can feel lonely and so many bumps will come along the way. Having your “why” written down and reminded to you as you hit low moments is essential for the long game. You can do this, I believe in you!!

*just a note- the tonic code and honeybook code are affiliate links that help you while also helping me! I so appreciate your support should you use either of them.

I can’t wait to watch you and your business flourish. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out! You can email me directly

xx, Jenna

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