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But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your gifting to new heights. You just need someone to tell you what works and what doesn't.

I can't tell you enough how necessary it is investing in your business towards resources that will actually MOVE your business. The truth is you CAN'T do it all. You deserve to have a personal life, AND be a successful business owner. Here are a few resources I've gathered that have helped me build a business I'm not only proud of, but gives me the gift of TIME + MONEY so I can spend more of my life doing the things that really, really matter. 

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Beginning your floral business

+ simple steps to get you started

+ Links to helpful resources

+ encouragement + support for you

+ Insight into my journey

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My Top 3


Tonic wesbite template. Saved me tons of time, builds trust with clients, and they are all BEAUTIFUL.


Honeybook keeps track of all my clients, bookings, itemized lists... I couldn't do my biz without it! Honeybook is a MUST


Floral recipes, how to properly price your designs, and helpful resources to source vessels + tools from all found in fleursociety.

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Our website was designed by Tonic Site Shop. We loved working with Tonic, and can hardly believe we're now able to customize, update, and maintain our site OURSELVES, without having to edit code, email a developer, or empty an entire bottle of wine.

Tonic's line of completely customizable site templates for modern, stylish creatives are basically website templates for people who think they don't like website templates. They make beautiful design affordable, accessible to everyone — no code, no tears, no limits. And there's a fun twist: all of their site designs are inspired by cocktails! My favorites? Martini, Clover Club, and Rosé Royale!

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truth be told

We need each other.

Running a business on your own is so many things: amazing, terrifying, electrifiying, overwhelming, beautiful... The truth is we can't run a business on our own. We NEED other people's help and resources they've used to build a successful business. 

With these tools, I believe your florist business has so much room to expand and flourish. 

LEt's TAlk


If you're a newbie florist + are needing help or have questions on anything regarding running a business, I would love to just chat! 



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